About us

QliQ Haus is a direct response marketing agency specializing in traffic management, user acquisition, and consultancy. We specialize in developing marketing and advertising platforms that facilitate revenue growth, stability, and profitability.Through online marketing across multiple advertising venues, we can reach a target audience that no one else can reach and understand user’s behavior more than any other agencies.

With more than 15 years in the digital online space, we want to help you and your business grow and we want you reach your full potential.

We know you could build a prosperous relationship and we are here to help.


What We Do

We utilize multiple avenues of advertising based on your advertising budget. We focus on gathering more and more leads and sales for you our clients and we do this so you can focus solely on your business.

Our goal is pretty simple: to always generate the leads and then convert them to become potential partners in your business. Every lead can be a potential money maker and one of the first things we do here at QliQ Haus is we create an amazing and irresistible opportunity for them to participate in your offer. Through a process of email marketing, we will grow that user and make them accustom to your offer or pitch.

This is a win-win scenario by creating a flow or funnel for the lead, we can cater and influence that user to your product. These leads are yours, we simply just manage them.

Rest assured that QliQ Haus will help you improve key areas of your marketing operations. We will be the one to implement tried and tested strategies that we’ve been using all these years, and you will benefit from this instantly.

Ian Fernando

Who is Ian Fernando

Ian Fernando is the owner and driving force behind QliQ Haus. A direct response marketer himself, he started in the digital space in 2007 back when direct response marketing was at its infancy.

Today, he is highly regarded as one of the few people in the digital space who continue to innovate in this realm. Through the years, he has helped many companies thrive in their respected markets and continues to help others improve their competitive positioning.

In addition to his growing accomplishments, he is also well-known international speaker and has been invited in several marketing events all around the globe, sharing his unique insights and knowledge to up and coming marketers and business owners.

Traffic Sources We Use

We will take advantage of trends that are currently available in the market such as Facebook, Google Adwords, RevContent, MGID, Content.Ad, eMail Drops, and many more.

Through these traffic sources, we will measure and monitor brand effectiveness and identify which are the most effective channels for your business. From then on, we will make an audit and see how we can make each digital strategy more effective and more fluid so we can continue to grow and open opportunities for you.


Let Us Manage Your Marketing

Let our team of experience direct response marketers take over the headaches of your paid media. We will optimize, track, and generate better quality leads for you.


Real Time Click Tracking

With our own proprietary system, AdRoots, we will help you track and more importantly understand the traffic that is entering your website. We assessed the quality of the traffic in each case, and in return deliver good quality and large volumes at the same time. With every data we acquire, we can see where they are coming from: if they are through mobile, desktop, and from what carrier as well.

With QliQ Haus, we will help you drive the right target audience to your website -- allowing you to successfully promote events, drive sales, and increase brand awareness.


Designed/Optimized for Conversions

We will manage your media and this includes creating your media posts and landing page.

Whatever the requirement there is or format (like responsive designs for multiple variant machines from desktop to laptops to mobile), you can be rest assured that we will handle all of these for you. We have a systematic way of doing it, and we know how the traffic converts and react to specific formats and layouts of the design.

Who Benefits from Direct Digital Marketing

We lead campaigns based on your request and needs. Everything here is from start to finish. With our tools and services, we will generate you the leads and sales you want. You let us do our job. And you can just simply focus on your business.

By generating you the leads and captures, we will get your users to engage with all your media and social media profiles and expose them to all your other media outlets. If not, we can help you create those outlets as well. In case you already have these in placed, what we’re going to do is to improve your internal communications and knowledge sharing so that you can fully utilize them to drive brand awareness of your company and/or products. Further, we will evaluate your existing media efforts and execute strategies that would strengthen your campaigns.